Getting here

How to access the building on foot, by bike, motorbike or car.

Opening times

The Leadenhall Building is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. From 07.00–19.00 Monday to Friday, the front of house team will direct you to the main reception desk. At all other times, someone from the security team will be on hand to help with any queries.

You will need your staff access pass to access the building. If you forget your pass or lose it, you will need to sign in at reception as a visitor and have your details verified by your employer.

Open 24 hours a day
Reception hours
0700 – 1900
Monday to Friday

The Leadenhall Building has achieved a platinum rating from WiredScore. The Wired Certification distinguishes The Leadenahll Building as ‘best-in- class’ for internet connectivity and infrastructure.

By foot

The Leadenhall Building can be accessed from any direction. From the north, the public route via Undershaft leads directly to the main entrance escalators. From the east, access will be from St Helen’s Square and to the south the building leads directly on to Leadenhall Street.

By bike and motorbike

Access is from Undershaft on the west side of the building. Follow the ramp down to the designated parking area on basement level 1, and use the east firefighting lift to return to main reception. Ask your office or facilities manager about allocated spaces for bikes and motorbikes.

By Car

If your company has an allocated car space and you’re arriving by car, drop your vehicle at the designated valet parking point on Undershaft and enter the building via the main entrance. Ask your office or facilities manager about booking parking spaces for cars.


Using the online visitor booking system to pre-register your visitors will help the reception team provide the most efficient and streamlined service. Any visitors that are not pre-registered will be asked for the name and company details of the person they are visiting.

If you are expecting a large group of visitors (20 or more people), please let reception know at least 24 hours in advance.

Find your way around the building


User-friendly technology and state-of-the-art lifts make it easy to move around The Leadenhall Building.

Entering the building

You will need your staff access pass to enter The Leadenhall Building through the speedlanes in the main reception area, and to access other parts of the building such as the bike ramp and shower and changing areas.

Ask your office or facilities manager if you need access to these areas. Discreet additional security measures may be put in place from time to time.

Using the lifts

For less able-bodied visitors and those arriving by bike or motorbike, the east firefighting lift provides access from the basement to reception Levels 1 and 2.

From Levels 1 and 2 of the North Core, there are 20 state-of-the-art passenger lifts. These are split into three groups, each serving different zones of the building, with transfer floors at Levels 10 and 24.

When you come through the security speedlane, the integrated screen will direct you to the appropriate lift. Alternatively you can call a lift by touching your staff access pass against the card icon at the bottom centre of the display operating panels in the lift lobbies.

Where to find visitor toilets

Visitor toilets are located on level 2, to the right of the reception desk.

Here to help you

Your key contacts for everyday help and support


The team at the main reception desk will handle queries concerning visitors and access to the building, as well as offering day-to-day services like photocopying and providing maps of the local area. They can also put you in touch with the concierge team, which offers a full range of services for both occupiers and visitors including same-day dry cleaning, personal shopping, theatre tickets and car hire.

Your own facilities or office management team

For help with issues relating to your own floorspace, including staff access passes, bicycle or motorbike parking spaces and lockers, contact your office manager or facilities manager.

The Leadenhall Building management team

The Leadenhall Building management team is responsible for all common areas, including the public space, visitor access and shared services such as wifi and external window cleaning.

Contact the team via the customer support desk on:
020 7220 8955
[email protected]

Ask your own facilities or office management team about

Staff passes
Bicycle / motorbike parking

Ask The Leadenhall Building management team about:

External window cleaning
Events & Classes

Ask reception about:

Building access
Local area information
Concierge services

Your building facilities

The Leadenhall Building offers excellent facilities for cyclists and motorcyclists

Parking spaces

Basement level 1 includes parking spaces for almost 400 bicycles and 129 motorbikes. Access is from the west side of the building, with the entrance on Undershaft. If you need a parking space, talk to your office or facilities manager.


The ramp features a traffic-light system, activated by your staff access pass, for safe and efficient move- ment into and out of the building. Access is 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The east firefighting lift provides a quick link between the basement level and the main reception area.

Showers & changing facilities

Direct stepped access from the bicycle and motor- bike parking areas leads to spacious shower and changing areas, including an accessible toilet and shower

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Leadenhall is one of London’s most vibrant and fast-changing districts. Once the centre of Roman London, its streets, alleys and passageways mean that you’re always walking between some of the capital’s oldest landmarks – and its newest. With new companies and concepts moving into the area all the time, this is a historical neighbourhood with both feet firmly planted in the future.

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Situated at the centre of a city that never sleeps, The Leadenhall Building is amongst some of the world’s best restaurants, bars and amenities.
Leadenhall is an architectural destination, a dining destination, a place that blurs the lines between work and play. Stroll around the seven-day-a-week Leadenhall Market, with its famous ceiling dating back to the 14th century.
Try the cutting-edge cocktails offered at the Bishopsgate Bath House (originally a Turkish baths in the 1800s); or eat, drink and shop at one of the hundreds of restaurants, wine bars and boutique retailers that make up the neighbourhood.
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